Academic presentations: further resources & references

For more support and opportunities to practise English, please refer to the services below: 

The university’s Writing Advisory Service (WAS) offers one to one tutorials with our expert English tutors to discuss your writing. 

The Departmental Language Programme offers in-department support and lessons for students who would like to develop their academic English and communication skills. 

The Dyslexia/SpLD tutorial service is a one‐to‐one specialist tutorial service for students who have a formal identification of a specific learning difference, like dyslexia. Students who use this service may come from any department, and any type of course offered by The University of Sheffield.

Our English Language Support (ELS) courses are provided for foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate students at The University of Sheffield who would like to develop their academic literacy, English language and communication skills. If you scored a 6.5 or less on your latest IELTS, you will benefit from additional English language support.

Other useful links and resources related to academic presentations


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