Reading for general information

time to complete: 20 minutes

We are now going to look at an article from Urban Studies and Planning (Social Sciences) and focus on the first area of the reading framework, that is general information.

You can access the article from the link below. Please open or print out while you are completing the next task. 

Article from Urban Studies and Planning (click to open in new tab)

Task: Quickly skim the first and last page of the article to find the answers to these questions. Note down your answers so you can complete the quiz that follows.

General Information

  • What journal was the article published in and what does this tell you about the type of information in the article?
  •  What is the title of the article?
  • What are the authors’ (writers’) names and what information are you given about the authors?
  • When was the article published?
  • What are the keywords and how could they help you?