Synthesising: linking words and reporting verbs

time to complete: 10 minutes

Linking words/phrases and reporting verbs can help you understand synthesising when reading and synthesise effectively when writing, ensuring the connections between your sources are clear to the reader. Note the use of linking words/phrases and reporting verbs.

“This way of thinking is supported by Henslin (1996) who also suggests… Holborn and Langley (1998) agree with this, stating…”

“In her study, Smith (2006) concluded that there was a considerable difference in how the ancient humans used stone tools… Similarly, Roger’s (2006) research reported that there was indeed a link between humans’ habitat and what stone tools they used…”

“For example, Jones (2006a), Smith et al. (2007) and Siddle (2009) emphasise the fact that… On the other hand, Lee (2005) and Rigney (2008, 2009) maintain that, despite these tendencies, there is convincing evidence to show that…”

“The most relevant perspectives tend to emphasise the general direction towards …  For instance, Smith and Lee (2007) argue that the main reason for… is…  Likewise, Honda (2007), Park (2008) and Chung (2008) maintain that current models must address the problem of…. In contrast, Turner (2008), Finlay et al. (2008) and Shiina (2007) offer valid counterarguments in that…”