The process of paraphrasing

time to complete: 10 minutes

Once you have selected the part(s) of the source text that you would like to refer to in your own essay or task, you need to paraphrase the language itself.

Paraphrasing checklist

The questions in the checklist below indicate the stages in the process of paraphrasing.

  1. Did you read the text carefully to get a clear idea of its meaning?
  2. Is the content relevant to your own essay/argument/ thesis?
  3. Did you highlight the key phrases or words that you cannot leave out?
  4. Have you changed the source text enough so that it becomes your own writing, but have kept the same meaning, too?
  5. Have you checked that your paraphrase is different enough by comparing it with the source text?
  6. Have you integrated the paraphrase into your essay?   
  7. Have you referenced sources properly?

Task: Drag the stages into the correct box to check you understand the process of paraphrasing.