Vocabulary practice in the disciplines

time to complete: 20-40 minutes

Now, time for some practice. Below are extracts from authentic student writing from various disciplines. You can do them all or pick the one that is closest to your discipline.

Please note that the extracts were adapted from student assignments from the British Academic Written English corpus and therefore might not reflect referencing conventions adopted by your department or contain minor mistakes.

Task: Use the words given to create collocations and complete the gaps in each extract. Please note that the collocations are not necessarily two words next to each other; they might appear several words apart.







The extracts in this webpage come from the British Academic Written English (BAWE) corpus, which was developed at the Universities of Warwick, Reading and Oxford Brookes under the directorship of Hilary Nesi and Sheena Gardner (formerly of the Centre for Applied Linguistics [previously called CELTE], Warwick), Paul Thompson (formerly of the Department of Applied Linguistics, Reading) and Paul Wickens (Westminster Institute of Education, Oxford Brookes), with funding from the ESRC (RES000-23-0800).”